Why you can benefit from Spiritual Direction

The God-shaped hole is real, and until you realign your self with God, something will always be missing. God has already revealed himself through his son Jesus Christ and the sacred tradition of the church. There is no need to feel lost when we have the Good Shepherd! Is it time for you to step out in faith?

Everyone can benefit from a spiritual director. Most problems begin at the soul level, and yet we continue to try to fix them using our brain– but God communicates through the heart! Whether you are dealing with a chronic disease, feeling doubt, trying to clear away fear and anxiety, or would like some answers to questions about God and your spiritual path, work with the Holy Spirit can help.

The Holy Spirit can guide us to the underlying cause of any issue, so that it may be cleared away and allow for healing to begin. (see my services here)

How can your life change in one phone call?

  • Eliminate fears
  • Release anger and resentment
  • Find clarity and purpose
  • Ease your mind
  • Heal relationships
  • Own your power
  • Improve your health
  • Feel the difference!

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For eighteen years, Sarah has been a devoted wife and doting mother. When her only child leaves for college, Sarah wonders how she will spend her days. But when her husband announces that he is leaving too, Sarah is forced to reexamine everything that she holds to be true. Learning lessons along the way that shift her belief in the nature of God and her mindset about herself, for the first time in her forty-five years, Sarah Starts Living!

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